New York and New Jersey Prepares for the Bowl

Snow Will Have Major Impact on Bowl XLVIII

This year’s Super Bowl is unlike any other played in recent history. Instead of playing in a conditioned dome as in previous years, the 2014 Super Bowl will be played at Metlife Stadium. New York and New Jersey are hosting the game, and have been preparing for years to host this nationally raved event. On February 2,2014,The Seattle Seahawks will be playing the Denver Broncos, in what many may be calling the ‘Snow Bowl’, due to the snowy and extreme winter conditions that may very will hit the two states during the game.

The game consists, as you’re most likely aware, of the two considerably best teams of the season in the NFL. This year, Peyton Manning, Wes Welker, among others, led the Denver Broncos through an incredible season, while Richard Sherman, Marshawn Lynch, and Russel Wilson led the Seattle Seahawks through an incredible season as well. The game always is the highlight of the NFL season, and is predicted to be the most broadcasted event in TV history.

As adrenaline for the game runs high, as does the need for tight and broad levels of security. Huge sporting events like the Olympics and Super Bowl always draw large security forces as did prior events at MetLife Stadium, site of Sunday’s game. Lt. Col Ed Cetnar of the New Jersey State Police told CNN this is a different ballgame. There will be more than 700 troopers in and around the stadium complex, he said. But they won’t be the only people guarding the game.

“There’s eyes all over the place, whether it’s state, local, federal or county assets there,” he told CNN’s .

That also includes 3,000 private security guards on site. And extra security for mass transit options because there will only be 12,000 parking spots at the game for 80,000 fans and 5,000 media members. Needless to say, security will be all over New York and New Jersey, as Border and Customs agencies are also taking part in making this event safe as possible. All measures to prevent disaster and trouble are being taken at the event.

Fans all over the country are anticipating this game because of the weather as well. This is the first game being played in what are called ‘natural conditions’ in many years, as Metlife Stadium isn’t enclosed and doesn’t cover the field from precipitation such as snow, which is being predicted to fall on the coast this weekend. The game commission has more challenges ahead due to these weather predicitions.

Then there’s the commercials. CNN Money records that 43 advertisers will be represented during the duration of the game. Advertisers and companies such as Pepsi, Doritos, and various car commercials will be shown, and at $4.5 million for a 30 second advertisement, their audiences best be interested in the products being shown nationally.

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Winter Weather at it’s Finest



Preparing for the Cold

Around the country, people are preparing for what some predict and say is the coldest weather in the last twenty  years. The deep freeze gripping two-thirds of the United States has temperatures plummeting to unbelievable lows Monday. Much of the country will see the coldest temperatures in almost 20 years, the National Weather Service said. Some cities will experience chills 30 to 50 degrees below average. To put things in perspective, the weather in Atlanta and Nashville on Monday will be colder than in Anchorage, Alaska. And by Wednesday, nearly half the nation will shudder in temperatures of zero or lower, forecasters said.

The plunging temperatures and wind chills are dangerous and can lead to frostbite or hypothermia. “Exposed flesh can freeze in as little as five minutes with wind chills colder than 50 below,” the National Weather Service’s Twin Cities office in Minnesota said. Over the past week, at least 13 people have died from weather-related conditions. Eleven people died in road accidents — including one man crushed as he was moving street salt with a forklift. One man in Wisconsin died of hypothermia. And an elderly woman with Alzheimer’s disease in New York state wandered away from her home and was found dead in the snow in a wooded area about 100 yards away. Needless to say, this weather is not something that people should take lightly.

There’s A Brightside

If there’s any good news about the biting cold snap, it’s that most of it should be over by Wednesday. That’s when a warming trend should begin, the National Weather Service said.

In other news, the cold didn’t stop the San Francisco 49ers from beating the Green Bay Packers Sunday night in Wisconsin. Playing in 4-degree weather conditions, the team, led by Colin Kaepernick outscored the Packers in a thrilling game, 23-20.


MLB Player diagnosed with CTE

When he was on the baseball field, Ryan Freel was unafraid to fling his body, and his head, into plays — diving after balls and crashing into outfield walls. That fearlessness earned the undersized Freel a spot in the big leagues, as well as numerous concussions. Now, nearly a year after his death, Freel has the distinction of being the first Major League Baseball player to be diagnosed with chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), according to researchers at the Boston University School of Medicine. The brain tissue of people found to have CTE displays an abnormal build-up of tau, also described a protein that, when it spills out of cells, can choke off, or disable, neural pathways controlling things like memory, judgment and fear.

I think this story goes to prove that every sport has its dangers, when it comes to head injury and brain damage. Even a sport like baseball has its dangers, and the public and players need to be fully aware of that. With any sport there is a danger but some injuries can be prevented by even wearing a helmet when nobody else chooses to. It’s the little things that can save a life, ultimately.

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Soccer Violence

Sporting Event Leads to Violence

All eyes are on Brazil as it prepares to host the World Cup in 2014, and there may now be reason for concern after violence broke out on Sunday during a Serie A match between Atletico Paranaense and Vasco da Gama in Joinville, Santa Catarina, Brazil.  Vasco was trying to avoid relegation to Serie A’s second division. Atletico were the home unit, but they had to play away from their home stadium due to fan behavior in a previous match.   According to Ed Malyon of Mirror Football, fans began to fight in the stands just 10 minutes into the match after Atletico jumped out to an early 1-0 lead. The violence was so uncontrollable that a military helicopter landed on the pitch to restore order.

Newspapers on Monday showed gruesome images of fans being stepped on, some of them motionless as rival supporters continued to pound them from every side. Some fans pulled away from their groups were attacked by up to 20 rivals. A police helicopter had to land on the field of the Arena Joinville to airlift a man with a serious head injury.

Three of the seriously injured men remained hospitalized Monday, but none of their injuries was life threatening, according to the Hospital Sao Jose. Police said they detained three people Sunday.

New York Tragedy

Who’s To Blame?

Human error may have been the cause of the train wreck that killed four and injured over 50 people, but that won’t stop the lawsuits and blame game. The victims and their families want answers. Although the engineer on duty passed both drug and alcohol tests, that doesn’t solve the mystery behind why the train was going over double the posted speed limit and flipped when taking a left turn Saturday morning.

Early solutions are that the driver ‘zoned out’ as he stated to authorities and investigators. The train was about 10 miles short of its destination, Manhattan’s Grand Central Terminal, when it derailed on the approach to the Spuyten Duyvil station in the Bronx. The NTSB reports said the rail and signal hardware dated back to World War II and, if Rockefeller was dazed or momentarily distracted, there was no system in place to alert him that he was traveling at 82 mph, double the speed he was supposed to be traveling. This leads into more controversy over whether there should be more safety enhancements in place.

This tragedy is so rare and uncommon, yet will lead to more safety procedures that will hopefully save lives in the future. Although trains aren’t near as used or popular as they used to be, passengers on trains deserve and need to feel safe when on the train. Human error was most likely the cause of this incident, yet someone will have to pay damages to the families involved. It’s tragic that such an event must occur around the holidays especially, but every tragedy leads to changes that lead to a better future.


Weekend in Review

The North Prepares to Get Slammed

As the Thanksgiving weekend gets started, severe weather is threatening the travel plans of Americans across 35 states. Winter mix including snow, sleet, freezing rain, and rain itself are expected to hit the northern states within the next two days. Travel plans are being ruined as flights are being delayed an cancelled. Severe weather may be impossible to physically prevent, but it is avoidable in some ways. By being smart and not traveling in blizzards, you may be able to save your life, and potentially others.

 Horse Pulling Buggy Shot in Lancaster

A horse pulling a buggy was shot Sunday night in East Lampeter Township,  Lancaster County, according to police. Although the incident seems very stupid and insignificant, it endangered the people in the buggy at the time.

China Prepares to Go to the Moon

China is launching its first lunar probe in early December, state-run Xinhua news agency reported Tuesday, just over a decade after the country first sent an astronaut into space. This is an early step in the space program, but hopefully the mission is a success.

Although personally I see space travel as a waste of money now, some countries want to do it and that’s their decision.


How to Make a Twitter Account

Twitter is currently one of the most used social media sites around the world. It’s used everyday, and can be useful for many purposes. This post will give people very simple directions about how to make a Twitter account. The process is not hard, but understanding Twitter itself has been difficult for many beginning users. Here are the steps one can take to being using Twitter.

Step 1: Plan ahead. Ask yourself what you want out of your Twitter account. Some uses could be comedy, entertainment, connecting, news, finances and advice.

Step 2: After using the steps that the site gives to you in order to confirm your account, upload a picture of yourself, fill out the “about me” and a basic idea of your location, if you choose. Doing this is important because it allows other users like you to connect to you.

Step 3: Gain followers. Meeting new people, tweeting to them, connecting, and following accounts you’re interested in makes Twitter more fun.

Step 4: Interact,interact and interact some more: The more you do the more entertaining and fun Twitter is. Retweeting people gives them the chance to see your interests and likes.

Step 5: Be smart online. Although you’ll want to make yourself known, protecting your privacy is always of high priority. Never give out personal information to anyone over the internet or social media.

In conclusion, Twitter serves many purposes, and can be even educational,depending on how you use it. I encourage everyone to give it a try, even if you don’t like it, you can deactivate your account at any time. Twitter is free to users, and is more than just a site for teenagers.

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